5 Ways To Donate To Charity That Won’t Cost You A Cent

GiveWell (a.k.a. The Clear Fund) is a federally-recognized tax-exempt 501 organization. GiveWell is also a registered charity in the Netherlands with tax-deductible status . GiveWell can accept donations on behalf of our recommended charities. U.S.- and Netherlands-based donors can donate to GiveWell for our operations or the support of our recommended charities and take tax deductions to the extent permitted by the law. More information is available here on the tax-deductibility of donations to GiveWell and our recommended charities, including for donors based outside of the U.S. and the Netherlands. Powered by donors™, GoFundMe’s fundraising platform helps people turn moments into movements.

For more information about qualified charitable distributions, learn more on the Fidelity Charitable site. Rewards credit cards will often let you donate your cash back, points, or miles directly to charity. Even if that isn’t an option, you may be able to redeem your rewards for cash back and simply donate those funds once they land in your account. Some employers offer matching gifts, meaning they will match some or all of your charitable donations. Check to see if your employer offers this policy and potentially double your donation.

VolunteerMatch, Catchafire and MovingWorlds connect people with expertise to initiatives that can benefit from their skills. It’s more efficient, for you and for the causes you support, if you donate to five organizations each year rather than 75. Your time and money will go further, you’re more likely to understand what those five groups do and they may become long-term relationships. Donating food to a local food bank is an easy way to help people in your community.

The tax benefit you receive will be based on how much you give and your business’s revenue. Again, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act made some of these tax laws somewhat more complicated than in previous years. With tax laws always subject to legislative change, it can be difficult to stay on top of the latest adjustments. When seeking out an organization to donate to, take adequate time to select one.

A reliable volunteer with a strong work ethic can go a long way towards helping a charity meet its goals. Remember the organization has made an investment in you and is depending on you to produce Ducks Unlimited Texas a return. With many charities reporting that they use volunteers, it is hard to imagine where the philanthropic community would be today if it wasn’t for the help of these altruistic individuals.