9 Web Design Tips That Improve Website Usability

We custom design and build amazing websites for businesses, increase conversions, revenue, social media engagement and search engine rankings. Creating a different page for each of the services or products your business provides is vital for search engine optimisation. I am not saying that you cannot have a page which is called services with a general overview, but you must also have dedicated pages for each service you provide or products you sell. Whether you use search engine optimization or pay-per-click ads, you typically direct people to your homepage to learn about your business. Once they’re there, they can navigate your website to learn more in-depth information.

However, if it doesn’t hold their interest, they hit the back button and will continue the search. Below is a list of common user behavior that every web designer should understand.

There are many free stock image websites where you can download suitable images for your business website. I often use free stock images to add some flair to different types of artwork. For example, I use stock images on the thumbnails for all blog posts, I also reuse the same thumbnail for my YouTube video content.

Sometimes all you need is a simple white, black, or neutral background. It is a media company for women, and they used card design very wisely. Check their starting page — the cards are well organized, so the site doesn’t look messy. The cards themselves have a simple, but very nice design and the content is very easy to read thanks to proper fonts and spacing. Creating website designs that have modern touches and trends integrated into the design will help your projects stand out. Keep reading sites like this and pay attention to what other designers are doing.

Consider adding real photos of people related to your brand on your website. Designers might want to add more interactive or immersive content to tourism-focused sites, such as virtual tours, games, or maps. Interactive elements, videos, and exhibition-standard photography can all make for stunning site layouts. However, web designers will need to Northell work around potentially long loading times. Some blog layouts need to be flexible enough to accommodate for different types of content, including videos and photography. Travel blogger Pete Rojwongsuriya successfully brings different media together to create a seamless reader experience in his award-winning website design for BucketListly Blog.

These types of sites allow you to customize anything on your site, including colors, fonts, navigation buttons, graphics, etc. Instead of cramming lots of content into a web page, it’s much better to give each part some breathing room, in the form of some empty “white” space around it. Designers know that websites with a good amount of white space are much easier for people to read and navigate. The lack of clutter is inviting, and it helps people prioritize what to look at. The functionality of a website is just as important as the design, and this is why web designers are always looking for ways to combine function with style. Listed below are valuable web design tips for creating functional, high-quality websites that are visually appealing and keep visitors coming back again and again.