Best Tough Products For Cats And Kittens

There may also be a medical problem, such as a urinary tract infection, that prevents a cat or kitten from using its litter box. Contact your veterinarian to investigate possible medical reasons behind your cat’s litter box problems. Make sure that all medications and treatments are also suitable for your cat’s young age. “The most important treatment for healthy kittens is the prevention of parasites and infectious diseases,” says Dr. Wooten. You may want to consider a hooded sandbox or upper entrance, such as Frisco Top Entry Litter Box, to minimize scattered sand.

My daughter had asked for a kitten and since it’s her birthday, we can’t say no to her. It might be a good idea to buy the best cat litter for the fragrance available at the nearest pet stores before you get one. It’s a natural instinct and helps keep them healthy and comforted.

Bonk is smart enough to use more suction on the sand carpet, use his strange arms to go into any corner, and alert me in an almost strange human voice when his brush is tangled. The companion app is fairly easy to use and allows me to schedule cleanups or check Bonk’s whereabouts with just a tap or two. Catit’s Vesper line has a beautiful modern look that’s hard to find in reasonably priced cat furniture.

A clean, cozy water bowl is essential and we love the K&H CleanFlow Filtered Water Bowl for cats. Filter the contents up to 130 times per hour through a carbon filter that helps remove impurities. It is designed for convenient cleaning with an easy-to-clean tank and a dishwasher safe bowl.

With natural wood grain and plush white carpets, it looks good in any home and has enough space for the kitten to pose. Senior strategist Karen Iorio Adelson’s cat divides his time between the middle-level booth and the upper-level. No one on earth likes to pick up trash (if you’re the only exception, congratulations Enclosed litter box and feel free to move on). There are some really futuristic tech options for self-cleaning sandboxes on the market now, but for a fraction of the price and the same buyer satisfaction, there’s this little non-electric number. This pet hair remover may look like a lint roller, but it has a few tricks up its sleeve.