Dent Repair Without Mobile Paint

They can also use a sliding hammer, a rubber hammer and clamping tools. First, technicians from the back of the body panel use these tools to remove the dent and bring the damaged area to the correct height. Then they use special lamps and reflective signs to ensure that the repair is complete. The end result is a smooth surface along the body line.

Paintless Dent Repair is an ecological repair method that restores the body of a vehicle to a factory-like state at a fraction of the cost. RDP can be used to remove dents dent removal spring hill tennessee and dents from vehicles, as well as hail folds and damage. As you can see when you look at my tool cart, the variety of tools to repair dents without paint is excellent.

We have the experience and knowledge to do the job or lead you to a competent workshop to get what you need. We are mobile, which means that we come to your home or business and perform the repair. Our prices start at $ 125 for about half a dollar dent. The process physically removes damage to the back of the panel by pushing the dent and flattening it from the top surface. The necessary tools are specially designed to remove paintless dents and not damage the factory finish in your vehicle. By reading designed LED lightboards or reflection boards, we read the metal damage and systematically remove the dent and return the metal to its original shape.

Our technicians perform a wide variety of paintless dent repairs in the United States and Canada every day. PDR Tech in Automotive has one of the most unique roles in the industry. They spend most of their time hiding behind car panels in body shops or dealers operating vehicles, removing dents and looking for ways to improve RDP’s art Our team of professional technicians is fully insured and ARC certified. We specialize in removing dents without quality paint at affordable prices. Restore the value and appearance of your vehicle today and request your free quote.

After contacting your insurance company, schedule a schedule for us to inspect and repair the damage. The excellent use of resistant and resistant, very strong metal paint finish has made RDP a great alternative to standard body repair techniques. In some extreme cases, the panel may even need to be replaced. While repairing dents without paint is a cheap way to get attractive results, the price can vary enormously. For major damage that can be repaired, such as collision dents, it can cost between $ 150 and $ 450.

It may seem like a disaster, but I assure you there is rhyme and reason here. There are tools to push, pull and eliminate high points. Paintless Pros has worked hard to be competent with all aspects of repairing paintless dent and the tools needed to do this job. Many tools specialize in material, angle and length to access the many parts of a vehicle. That said, there are still areas where no access is available.