How Network Penetration Testing Plays An Important Role In Security

You can use pen testing to improve your company’s internal vulnerability assessments and management processes. External network penetration tests include pentesters that hack into your systems pen testing without a pre-defined access level to your network. In other words, pentesters using this test method access the vulnerability areas of their network from the perimeter of the systems.

Many websites require people to enter personal information, and mobile phones have become more vulnerable to attacks, exposing sensitive data and customer information. While many companies test vulnerabilities in their own databases, they may not adequately ensure the security of data entry in their mobile applications. A web application penetration test can correct this oversight and help a company improve its online security for itself and its customers.

The main purpose of a penetration test is to find the exploitable problems in an organization’s security controls, but it can also do a little more to tell a company what it needs to work on. When it comes to testing, many organizations use so-called penetration tests or pencil tests. This is a test in which an ethical hacker tries to violate the security of a system, and then informs the organization about how effective its overall cybersecurity is.

This includes all networks, applications, devices and physical security components. Experienced cybersecurity experts use penetration testing to improve a company’s security posture and eliminate vulnerabilities that expose it to attacks. The loss of your company’s proprietary data is catastrophic, especially if this data is in the hands of your competitors. While your competitors may not be the ones attacking you, you could indirectly acquire this data. Cybercriminals like to publish their earnings on public sites like Pastebin or sell this information on the Dark Web in the form of cryptocurrencies.

It is important that you seek legal advice to evaluate local laws and regulations and to ensure that your company complies with these regulations. If your company is a financial institution in Singapore, your company must comply with local financial regulations, such as the MAS Technology Risk Management Notice. As part of the MAS TRM, it is necessary to carry out a security assessment, e.g. penetration tests and other forms of security assessment of your IT infrastructure and applications. Penetration testing helps validate the security of a company’s systems, applications, and networks.