How to Find That Perfect Domain Name

You start a new business, start a new brand or product, or just want to do more business online, right? To do this, you’ll need a new domain name. And because it’s instantly believable, and more than 90% of all internet traffic goes to names ending up in .com, that’s what you need. He is the king of the mountain, and it will be a long time.

With 135 million registered domains, finding an effective name is not an easy task. Looks like all the right names are already occupied! Most people throw this towel too early and agree to a long, hard-to-remember name or name with a secondary domain ending at .info, .cc, .biz or .co.

It’s like opening a new store with the main entrance in the alley, not on a busy street! Now you wouldn’t do it for a new store, so don’t do it for your domain name.

Here are some tips on how to find the perfect domain name perfect and avoid some serious mistakes.

First, make a list of short names easy-to-remember and try them out on GoDaddy or from another name registrar. Yes, they will probably appear as unavailable, but check to see if the website is working. If he’s alive, how do you use it? It can still be available to you. If your potential name is not currently in use, check out more popular alternative sites such as Sedo to see if it is for sale. A few thousand dollars may seem like a lot of money to invest in a name, but think of it as a signage charge above your store. You won’t learn anything unintelligible or incomprehensible to save money.

Here are some ways to simplify your search by spelling:

– add a suffix, for example -ster, or -able, or -ize, or -eez, or -ful. So the journey turns into a traveler or traveler.
– remove the vowel or add a double consonant at the end or at the beginning. So, digging becomes digging, and the baker becomes a bakr.
Use a hyphen. Turning cookbooks into cookbooks
– Change similar-sounding letters, such as z to s, so that the cruise becomes a cruise, and the eggs become eggz. The same goes for f for ph, x for cs, etc.

Avoid long names at all costs. A name of more than 15 letters is too easy to write and difficult to remember. If you opened a consulting firm in New York instead of, you’d be better off using a unique secondary market name, such as You should also make sure that no spelling mistakes or divorce can be as unpleasant as, which can also be

Finally, check to see if your name violates someone’s trademark, trademark, or similar service mark. Find a brand search system for your country and do a simple search. As soon as you have this domain name, buy another extension.

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