How to Gracefully Go From 6 Figure Salary to WIC in 90 Days

“There are blessings in the storm.”

“There is always the best hope.”

“It can’t get any worse.”

“At least you have health.”

That’s all people tell you when you’re going through a crisis and trying to fill in an awkward silence. I’m not the kind of person who complained or complained. I usually keep smiling and moving when I’m facing adversity. But lately I have been learning a humble lesson in which my good-nature is at the heart of the main castle. Today’s lesson for students is how to move stylishly from a six-figure salary to a WIC program in 90 days.

Let me begin by saying that this story is not to tell you how I feel about myself, but rather to say that I sympathize with all who have experienced it, who have experienced it, or who will experience it. After all, no one can understand your ordeal better than someone who was there?

So that’s where my story begins.

Three months ago, I (reluctantly) quit my job at PayPal. I knew it was a dangerous situation, given the number of people I was going to work for in the unemployment queue. At the time, it seemed that the daily cuts were from hundreds to thousands of people each week.

Lesson Number 1: How to keep your mouth shut and smile gracefully

Friends and family will ask you the same questions during this busy process. “Are you looking for another job?” “Do you have enough savings to kiss on time?” “Why are you moving?”

My advice to you is, if you are stunned by the obvious, do not bother to explain it, it will only confuse them. Although you may be tempted not to say, “No, I’m not looking for another job, I hate paying bills, eating out and driving.” You’ll probably look at those who know you like crazy people and want to say, “Yes, I’ve had enough to kiss me for a while, but I screwed up and thought I could live with you for a while,” yelling at your neighbors, “I’m moving because you’re making too much noise!”

But stop. Wait, don’t do that to those who are just trying to help. They don’t know what they’re saying. I received similar questions, kissed and hugged everyone, kindly taking their advice and condolences. Losing a job should not mean losing friends and family. I packed my bags and moved south to live with my mom.

It’s nice to know they have to take you home. A few weeks after moving in, my son has just had a novelty “vacation” and wants to know when he will be able to return home. Back to the Montessori ABC. Go back to Budd Avenue. I tell her, “We live with my grandmother now.” She has a great new school, but her best friend and favorite teacher is not. I heard that Isaiah’s best friend’s mother is going through the same problems as me, so unfortunately her friend wouldn’t be there if we’d come back anyway.

Finding a job is a job in itself, especially since you have to report your bold efforts in EDD to get a check in time (fighting the EDD monster is a very different lesson). Today I went online to apply for a job on hot vacancies. For every vacancy I applied for, I received a response saying “you’ve already applied for it.” Doh!

Lesson number 2: keep trying or make sure it still looks good

Those who rely on you should SEE that you make an effort every day. Complacency and laziness can quickly go away, followed by depression and anger if you do not keep trying. Yes, sometimes it seems unnecessary to perform another search on monster to get the same list of works from the home scam that you saw yesterday, but you never know that today may be something new.

Some time ago I called the program “Women, Babies and Children” which issues receipts for the purchase of food for low-income mothers. They set me up for a six-week meeting and told me the system was so busy with needy women that it was the fastest I could get. Finally, the meeting arrived, and I was gripped by a wave of emotions when I was paid only a few months ago

Lesson 3: Where there is a desire, there is a way

I focused on my business with Mary Kay with the tenacity and strength of a hungry lioness. Wrinkles under my eyes, shiny lips and red cheeks – 45 minutes I drove to another networking event. Even though I was tired and disappointed that every woman at the event already had a mary Kay consultant, I triumphantly returned home after receiving a phone number from a waiter who “LOVES Mary Kay” and needed a new lipstick.

I feel like networking works, and while I’m determined to look for “office work” in the rankings every day, I’ll continue to grow my business with Mary Kay® in the hope that it will give me stability and flexibility. to support myself and never worry about being fired again.

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