How To Pick The Right Network Marketing Team

I once had an incredible opportunity to listen to a man named Eric Venmeyer. Eric is the only blind man who has ever visited Mt. Everest and the highest mountain. Peaks on all other major continents.

To the question: “Eric … How did you do that?”

Network marketing works the same way. You will only reach the top of the mountain if you surround yourself with the best team. So how do you choose the right team?

There is a simple and understandable test to determine if you have found the right command.

  1. First, you must pay attention to the energy of the voice of the person you are talking to. Do they have a lot of energy? Do they feel nice, sympathetic, honest, caring, in a good mood? This person seems sincere to you, and you feel that he cares not only about money?

Making sure you are surrounded by positive people is absolutely essential in this industry. Positive people attract more positive people, and people in general will move on to the positive rather than the negative. If you are negative … you better start thinking about how to get rid of all your negativity, because if you want to earn a dime on network marketing, you will.

  1. Second, pay attention to what qualities or characteristics you DO NOT want to be. Is the team you’re talking to assertive, desperate, negative, shy or insecure? Lacking sincerity, humility and warmth?

When creating a network marketing organization, we should always remember that these are our main partners, to whom we present our perspectives and receive our advice. Does the person you speak to look like the person you want to introduce to a potential client you’re talking to?

The qualities that succeed in this industry are leadership, confidence, compassion, thoroughness, good communication, likable, friendly, cheerful, sociable, passionate, energetic and more. These qualities will ALWAYS attract people to you or your partners.

If you don’t have all these qualities… find the team that implements them, or develop them yourself. If your team has a very balanced set of personalities, you can still pick up people who could communicate better, and the whole business is built on relationships and trust.

  1. You definitely want to pay attention to what this new team seems to be teaching you. If you think that they will learn something … then it’s a good choice. If you think it sounds like the same thing you’ve heard before, or if you intuitively feel you have nothing to teach on a personal level, find people you can learn from on a personal level. and who can grow.

Our industry is the driving force behind growth. The more we grow, the more our business will grow. Network marketing is so unique because the whole business is made up of relationships, and as you grow as a person, you gain more value in attracting other people to yourself. And people are pulling it because I think we all want to grow deep inside.

  1. Notice what the team has to offer you in terms of support, guidance, and leadership. Are they available to you? Do they have calls for leadership development, training or team launch calls? To what extent does an active leadership role play in a company or in its organization? All the important questions to ask.
  2. Finally … What type of marketing system do they have? This is the area where you’ll find the greatest shortage of network marketing teams today. Many teams still believe that traditional network marketing strategies work for everyone, even if 95% of people fail.

Actually, no. 95% of people trying network marketing are defeated because they don’t do network marketing, thinking that this is a REAL business that requires real business tactics.

The most successful network marketers to date have mastered the art of marketing and know how to attract highly qualified and targeted customers. I wouldn’t even consider joining an organization if it wasn’t a marketing-focused group that had a solid marketing plan so I could generate my own potential customers.

Ask your potential team what their marketing plan is. Ask them what they have to offer to help all types of people who want to join, not just what they offer to those with huge networks of caring people.

Most people don’t have big hot networks, and eventually all the hot networks will be exhausted if you don’t put more people in this hot web.

By themselves, these ideas were supposed to give you a solid impression on how to choose a successful network marketing organization. Trust yourself, trust your instincts of the people you deal with. Ask these questions and actively search for answers, and you’ll get a good idea of what to expect from your new network marketing team.

Ultimately, your success comes down to one and one… And to you. But with the right team you can get to the top of the mountain much faster and with less effort. Stop reading … Begin!

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