New Releases From Amazon Prime Video’s Indian Movies

Malayalam movies have always been in demand since the early 80’s when the Indian film industry started making popular movies with English and Tamil dialogues. Some of the best-known Malayalam movies that can be viewed on Amazon Prime Video include; Drishyam, Njan Prakashan, Ayyapanum Koshiyum,, etc. All these movies have been successful in earning international acclaim and have appreciated a cult following among movie lovers across the world. As such, Malayalam movies are in high demand in online video rental stores.

Movie buffs who are looking forward to watch the upcoming Malayalam movies on Amazon Prime Video should look for this release date as it normally goes on sale on the same day.

Amal Neerad’s CIA looks like another in a long list of communist-themed movies that have flooded Malayalam cinemas recently. Aji is a young communist who falls in love and then travels to the USA (entering illegally through Mexico) in order to stop her from marrying another man. All the actors did a great job. The plot is also interesting. The movie’s execution is a little off, and it gets a little too “draggy” towards its end. Amal Neerad misses the opportunity to make a bold statement about sensitive and very relevant topics and instead prefers making tasteless jokes about men being raped. All things considered, ‘Comrade In America’ is enjoyable and entertaining enough to watch. Starring Dulquer Salmaan, Karthika, Priyanka Nair.

“Maniyarayile Ashokan”, directed by Shamsu Zyba, and produced by Dulquer Salamaan, gives hope to all men that they will one day find their perfect woman. “Maniyarayile Ashokan” tells the story about Ashokan, a middle age man who doesn’t look like he’d ever seen on a movie poster. He experiences FOMO from his friends’ marriages and settles into a life full of happiness. Ashokan wants to marry a beautiful girl and start his family. But he has not had any luck. Ashokan takes unnecessary steps to correct his “planetary alignments”, as astrologers tell him. Although there isn’t much to the story, the cinematography and performances are stunning. It’s a pleasant 2-hour escape from the harsh realities and reality of the world.

K. Gopinathan’s “Samarpannam” opens with the murder and discovery of the body of a young girl on the tracks. It sounds like a typical whodunit thriller opening, but it’s not. “Samarpannam” is more than a thriller about an investigation into a crime. It explores the complexity of human relationships. The film closely tracks the bizarre bond formed by three people who were involved in the crime: the investigating officer, the forensic doctor who performed the victim’s autopsy and the victim’s employer, an ayurvedic physician. The film focuses on the subtleties of the relationships between these three individuals. They solve the crime by the end, but don’t be alarmed.

“Ma Chu Ka” is a psychological thriller which promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats from beginning to end. The film only features two characters (plus a dog), and the rest of the characters are barely mentioned. The story centers around a chance encounter between a journalist and advocate. Their relationship develops over the course of one day, which is filled with lies and deceptions that eventually leads to death. Ma Chu Ka is slow, heavy and full of suspense. Each scene builds tension until it all culminates in an alarming finale. Although they do hint at what’s going on in the movie early, it’s only a subtle clue that most movie-goers may not notice. This fine display of acting talent by Janani Iyer and Pasupathy Iyer is a great example of their talents.

“Forensic” is a thriller about a serial killer and serial killer. It features an investigator officer and a medicolegal advisor (two people with some history, but not the romantic kind), as they attempt to catch a serial murderer who targets young children. The film doesn’t go into too many details about the killer’s past because, as the protagonist points out, sometimes the motivation of the psychopath is only the thrill of the crime. This film does not provide any romantic sub-story. That is great because, seriously, who has time to sing romantic songs when a child-murdering criminal is on the loose? “Forensic” is a good crime thriller with some great performances by the main cast.

The reason Minnaminungu The Firefly is so great is because of Surabhi Lakshmi, who won a National Award as the Best Actress. The story centers on an unnamed woman who struggles with social disregard and anonymity to provide for her teenage daughter. Charu falls in love with a Canadian boy and wants to travel with him. Charu gets a job, or works to get a scholarship. She just wants Rs. 6 Lacs for her already financially struggling mother. Charu’s mother doesn’t know the true reason she wants to go, and that it is for a boy. Charu tells her mother that she wants to study in Canada. She works hard to get the money on time and gives everything she has. When she discovers why her daughter is traveling to Canada, she is in for a surprise. Surabhi’s excellent, moving performance lifts the otherwise average film above the rest.

P. T. Kunju Muhammed’s ‘Vishwasapoornam Mansoor’ attempts to make a lot strong social and political statements, but fails for most of its time. The story centers on a young liberal Muslim man who falls for a distant relative and seeks shelter with him. The film is mostly a light-weight love story. However, their relationship and feelings are not convincing as they rush past the romance. After only two minutes, the hero begins to talk about how inspiring the heroine is to him. The romance turns into heavy melodrama towards the end. Only the end of the movie is where the social and political statements are made (which are very relevant today). Although ‘Vishwasapoornam Mensoor’ calls out the political bigotry in India and the irresponsible, biased media that is prevalent right now, it may be overlooked due to all the romance and melodrama.

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