Small Gang Ideas

In terms of gang decoration ideas, an oblique shelf gives you enough flexibility to use. You can use it to store books and display art, or you can also add baskets and other storage containers to start any additional shoes and fashion accessories you need while traveling. If you have little closet space and excess clothing, consider this your wardrobe extension. Couple a runner with a rug, like this entrance, for a varied look, or try matching runners.

However, it does not mean that this space should be boring. A corridor design in an apartment can be impressive – all you need is a good idea. You can easily customize some of these ideas in your own space.

But this little hint shows that wall space can be your best friend when it comes to storage. Sculptural wall hooks and elegant shelf boxes are a home for decoration and needs, while a bold carpet and statement lighting illuminate things. The best way to make a hallway cozy is to treat it like the other more inhabited rooms in your home. Use it to set the tone for the rest of your home, reflecting the style and color palettes of the other rooms. You want to make sure it is well lit so that it never feels like a gloomy space to just pass.

Light blue wallpaper with a white lace pattern blends harmoniously onto the white walls of the hallway with a light-colored wooden floor. According to the mood of the pots, the floor is decorated with carpets with floral patterns that contrast with the glossy magenta chest of drawers. I would probably make the bathroom view as pleasant as possible (maybe some fresh paint on the walls, a window treatment, etc.) for when the door is open. Depending on how much wall space you have, you can add some art or do a wall treatment (the board and ribbon are your favorites for the hallway).

Of course you can choose a paint color you like and paint the furniture in your hallway to coordinate.). So you walk into the house and go through the living 3d wall tiles rooms, then the office and then the kitchen. If you look to the office on the left, there are 11 meter high floor-to-ceiling shelves I’ve built.

The idea here is to use the vertical wall space for storage and display (which is not a gallery wall)! Consider a spread console board that offers you an extra storage and display space. A narrow corridor may seem like a challenging space to decorate, but don’t let compact square meters hold you back. It is actually perfect for sleek furniture designs, such as the aerodynamic bench and the open base console in this hallway. Striking, fresh and safe, gray and white is always a winning combination when it comes to narrow gang ideas.