Transparent LED Display: An Innovative Dynamic Ad Serving Solution For You

The transparent LED display offers unparalleled transparency (55% to 93%). The traditional window LED screen is like a dark wall, so buyers can’t see things inside and block out sunlight, so your interior space needs a transparent LED display with good light transmission. Having a transparent LED hanging as a store showcase is a good strategy to promote your brand. The sleek modular design will attract passers-by, encourage them to stop and also encourage impulse purchases. These screens can also be placed directly in front of products, allowing static and moving content to be displayed without blocking the view of the product screen. The transparent LED display itself consumes little power, with an average power consumption of less than 280W/㎡, and requires no traditional cooling systems and air conditioning to dissipate heat.

Therefore, transparent LED screens can also be stylish decorations for glass exterior and interior walls to attract more potential users. The use of LED screens as advertising or brand screens has become the most important option for most companies. By continuously reproducing dynamic images or even 3D images, LED advertising screens offer a great visual impact on the audience, leaving led screens a deep memory of the brand in their heads. Transparent LED displays are not only hard to miss, but they are also easy to read. Due to the high number of lumens each lamp emits per watt of energy, people can see them from a distance and easily distinguish words even in broad sunlight. You can also choose from a series of pixel steps to give your screen as much detail as you want.

Halo Smart Systems Micro-LED technology is weatherproof and protected from exterior elements. Our Micro-LED glass can be adapted to the interior or exterior of any existing façade, or as the primary material of the façade itself. It can serve as normal glass or an ever-changing variety of fully programmable content at any time of the day or night. This and much more is possible with Halo Smart Systems Micro-LED Transparent Glass. Transparent LED display refers to the unique light transmission, when the screen is displayed, the scene behind it can also be seen through the screen. Stability is very important for this product, under the patent of SMD embedding on PCB, ensuring stability better than other similar products on the market.

The transparent LED display can be built according to the shape of the stage and the LED display housing is transparent and thin, which gives a strong perspective effect, lengthening the depth of the whole image. At the same time, it does not hinder the stage design to leave room for lights to hang and play, to give the stage a certain atmosphere and dynamics and to express the theme. Luxmage’s NR transparent LED display rental series can be quickly installed, disassembled and transported thanks to its modern appearance and innovative structural design.

Transparent LED screens can be used not only as an information display, but also as an advertising medium. In airport terminals, hotels, bars, KTV, municipal public buildings, monumental buildings, office buildings and other places with visual requirements, transparent LED screens are undoubtedly the best choice. ▸ The thickness of the main panel is only about 10 m and the weight of the transparent screen is only about 12 kg per square. Aluminum profile structure with transparent PC panel, the appearance is elegant and beautiful. The structure is more flexible and the size of the box can be adjusted to the specific size of the glass to better fit the glass curtain wall and reduce the charge pressure. If you want your events and programs to be professional and attract customers at first glance, the most valuable option is the transparent LED screen rental service.

A transparent LED wall screen can be hung from the truss with a single beam; therefore, the installation costs are minimal. Moreover, the transparent LED screen advertising content screen design, you can remove unnecessary background and replace it with black, only the expression of the desired content is displayed. • Unique display effect: Because the background is transparent, the image likes to float on the glass wall, so it has a very good advertising and artistic effect. Bright LED displays also consume less power than other digital signals, including LCD projectors and even opaque LED displays. Small lamps have a lifespan of up to 10 years and are cheap to replace.

High-quality fixed indoor LED displays offer the possibility of flexibility in their size, whether you want a square or rectangular display, small or large, flat or curved. All sizes of these LED screens are achievable and require size or shapes. Many of these fixed indoor LED displays are good heat dissipation and adaptable and lightweight. LED screens are so widely used and are necessary that innovation in the field of the screen is unstoppable.