Becoming a Process Server

There are a few prerequisites for qualifying as a process server in the US. You need Process server to be a legitimate adult citizen of the US, and posses a General Educational Development (GED) or high school diploma. However, some states also insist that the people interested in this job to be fingerprinted. Before you start working in this position, you would also be required to offer a check of your background.

The job of a process server is to deliver vital legal papers, such as legal complaints and subpoenas to offices of sheriffs, courts and law firms. Private investigators also employ process servers. An individual working in this position has to locate and serve those people involved in various types of legal proceedings with legal notices relevant to different legal cases. Many times, the law demands a certain document to be delivered in person. Such document can’t be delivered by mail or pushed underneath the door of the recipient. As a mater of fact, certain cases could get postponed or dismissed if the specific documents can’t be delivered in the manner demanded by the law.

Anybody who is keen to work as a process server essentially needs to contact the office of a county clerk in order to get the necessary information, as the prerequisites differ from county to county. The clerk of the concerned county can give the detailed and specific requirements that the county has framed. Generally, the process would require at least an application, along with some registration fee.

While many places would insist that the candidate be eighteen years of age, others might have bonding as mandatory. In such cases, anybody desiring to be a process server needs to secure bonding through a surety company. Many people utilize insurance companies for the purpose of bonding.

At times, fingerprinting and background checks are required for aspiring process servers. The investigation of the background may involve personal and job references, as well as other checks in order to confirm that the candidate has no criminal record. Those people applying for this job are also required to submit their latest photo to the local court.

This position requires outstanding communicating skills and secretarial abilities. Another important skill is the handling of the computer for the purpose of research and investigation. Ingenuity and cleverness are also essential. Many people try to avoid getting served, making this task quite challenging. That is why cleverness is required for locating an elusive person, so that the proceeding may be conducted.

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