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Do you think that a family holiday always leaves 電子煙專門店 you without your favorite appliances? If you’re looking for a way to make your family happy on the road, a lighter adapter can be exactly what you need.

With an adapter for your car you can easily soak up all your electrical devices. Want to take your laptop with you on your next trip? Tired of running out of battery when you’re away for the day? Do you need to move a lot for work? Maybe you could take the opportunity to connect and run your devices from anywhere, even when you’re in traffic! If you think it will help you, just go to your local electronics store and buy a lighter adapter. You can take it and connect it to your car’s lighter connector.

The charger has sockets to connect the devices. If you need a cheap and affordable way to keep your electrical devices charged, this is what you need. You may be wondering: which charger is right for me?

There are many different types of these devices. You can buy one connector so your favorite device stays charged and turned on while you’re gone. However, you may need to support charging multiple devices. In this case, you will need to buy an adapter with several sockets. You might want to choose a larger one with at least 4 or 5 power inputs.

The lighter adapter works due to the power of your car’s engine. You don’t have to worry about draining your car’s battery when the engine is running. The car supports the engine in a charged state while it is running. You drive, don’t you? Now you can make the most of the energy your car makes to charge your devices.

Shopping in Las Palmas is now an activity that attracts both locals and tourists. Las Palmas is the capital of the eastern Canary Islands with a population of about 400,000 people. This gives you a huge opportunity to shop. To visit all the gorgeous shopping areas of Las Palmas, you will definitely need a good pair of shoes to walk!

First, let’s take a look at some locally produced products that are worth buying. Secondly, we will list the main trading areas of Las Palmas.

Local products from the Canary Islands

Rum: The Canary Islands produce a huge amount of rum every year and they are very proud of their product. No doubt this is what is drunk at local festivals. Brands such as Ron Arehucas, Artemi and Cocal fill the shelves with drinks in every store. There is also a soft Honey Rum Ron Miel. All this can be bought at a very low price.

Electronics: VAT is lower in the Canary Islands than in mainland Spain. This means that some products are cheaper. In Las Palmas, you’ll find many electronics markets, and you should always compare their prices with those of larger chains such as Mediamarkt and Corte Ingl’s.

Cigars: The Canary Islands have always been known for producing tobacco and you will find a huge selection of cigars and cigarettes. And these products are really very cheap, especially at the lowest prices in Europe.

Wine: Although the Canary Islands are not known worldwide for the production of wine, local wine is produced in all islands. Look for Vina Frontera (El Yerro), Malvasia (Lanzarote) and El Monte (Gran Canaria).

The food list of foods worth buying is great. The Canary Islands have always had better meat than their compatriots: the port of Las Palmas hosted South American cargo ships that shipped meat directly from Argentina and Uruguay. Banana from the Canary Islands, or “platano” as it is also called, is much sweeter and more fragrant than its Central American counterparts.

Clothes Spain has always been a fan of fashion, and you are sure to find the clothes you are looking for. Spanish chains such as Massimo Dutti, zara, Cortefiel, Mango, Springfield, offer an incredible amount of great shopping. Not to mention the shoes. Although Chinese footwear production is increasing market share, shoe production in Spain remains significant.

The main shopping district of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Almost all of the shopping malls listed below are easily accessible by car or bus. All shopping malls, with the exception of Mesa y L’pez, also offer a variety of free parking lots. The places described below are not included in the tourist areas, so you have the same great shopping opportunities as the locals.

Mesa-i-Lopez: This is a huge shopping street in Las Palmas, where you will find such shops as El Corte Ingl’s, zara, Cortefiel, zapatos Navarro, zuesada … I can recommend La Oca, a fantastic interiors store.

Triana: a traditional pedestrian shopping area. Take a walk along this beautiful street, take a “cortado” (little espresso with milk) and enjoy life.

Corte Ingl’s: They have two big shops in Las Palmas, one in Mesa y Lopez and one in 7 Palmas. They have almost everything you need, as well as plenty of staff to help you find what you need.

7 Palmas: This is a fairly new area of Las Palmas, incorporating residential areas and excellent shops. Here you will find Media Markt, the island’s largest electronics store. You’ll also find zara, Cortefiel, barbershops and a nice cafe on the ground floor. Tip: You can wash and pat the car in the garage while you shop. In addition, it is very inexpensive!

La Ballena: It was the first mall in Las Palmas, built in the late 1980s. It has all the necessary shops, as well as a cinema.

Las Arenas: Opened about 5 years ago, this is a very beautiful shopping area located less than 100 meters from the famous beach of Las Canteras de Las Palmas. Here you will also find Carrefour, definitely one of the largest supermarkets on the island. So don’t forget to take a walk on the beach!

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