Rules For Silent Auctions

Most silent auctions include a harmless rule that says that the organization is not responsible for any liability arising from the purchase. For example, if someone wins a pressurized adventure and gets injured during the activity, the harmless suspension rule prevents them from suing your organization. You also need to make it clear in your rules that bidding is a legal agreement to purchase the item, so only serious bidders should participate. When most people think of silent auctions, bidding papers come to mind. They are simply pieces of paper that are placed next to each auction item and contain lines for bidding. To submit an offer, participants must write the bidder number and the bid amount in the first blank line.

With mobile bidding technology, your team can now keep your bidders up to date in real time, so you always have information and notifications at your fingertips, no matter where you are. To begin with, silent silent auction ideas mobile and online auctions usually consist of an online auction page where each auction item is listed. In addition, mobile silent auctions have the ability to send push notifications to your guests via SMS.

Various goods, services and bidding opportunities are available during these events. The winners donate to the non-profit group and receive a reward in return. Silent auctions are just one type of event under the umbrella of charity auctions. To help you better understand this charity fundraiser, here is a guide to a silent auction. The most important step in planning a silent auction is to choose an auction program.

In a silent auction, each item has its own bid sheet on which guests can bid. At a traditional silent auction, most of the guests have attached their own portfolio with bid sheets. There you can write the highest amount that you are willing to pay for each item you are interested in. When most of us think of an auction, we think of a room full of people bidding for auction goods. Many organizations have donated or sponsored items for auction, but these need to be tiered to get the most out of their bidders.

Instead of using paper bid sheets for your next silent auction, we strongly recommend being mobile and using our online and mobile silent auction software. Silent mobile auctions not only improve the bidding process at an actual fundraiser, but also allow you to reach donors and supporters at any time and from anywhere! This means that your silent auction is no longer limited to event participants. Obviously, the implications here mean that you can raise a lot of money by going mobile. If bidders cannot easily identify auction items, their current bids, or their bid status, they lose interest and are less reactive, which means lower returns for the silent auction.

The minimum raise requirement determines how many dollars a bid should have in the past. Once the bids are over and the winning bids have been announced, the winners will be able to pick up their items in the departure area where the transactions take place. Non-profit organizations use silent auctions to collect donations in an attractive way. Instead of just asking for donations, a silent auction offers donors the opportunity to actively participate in an event and maybe even make an exciting purchase.