The Best Contour Makeup Tips

Be sure to choose one that is suitable for your skin type. Wait a few minutes to lower the moisturizer into your skin before applying anything else. You can also apply a primer to fill the pores and make your makeup work last.

Or you can experiment with a cream and lining brush . This line should be thin, but slightly thicker to the outer section. With a brush like the E40, you can gently apply a slightly matte tone just above your fold and under your forehead.

Lakmé Absolute White Intense Liquid Concealer to equalize the skin and hide skin spots. Use the supplied applicator to mix and polish the concealer on your skin and mix it with a sponge. Establish this basic make-up with a compact powder to keep the sweat away. Then switch to applying a soft, neutral colored shade that is close to the color of your natural cap.

Use a sponge or brush to apply the base for an air-borne natural finish. If you are a beginner, you probably need advice on everything from choosing the right brushes, choosing the colors of the eyeshadow and applying makeup correctly. She describes the permanent eyebrows basic eye makeup application and explains why you should use a primer and the three or four shades you need to create a basic look. I always love how much a highlighter can improve the eyes, and she recommends Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pan – Shimma Shimma.

Brushes: Of course, for eye makeup you can probably get away with your basic eyeshadow brush, a mixing brush, a corner eye brush and an eyeliner. But if you have more brush options, it is so much easier when you start experimenting with different techniques and looks. This is the last step to achieve that perfect base. Prepare your face with a translucent adjustment powder. It is a transparent powder that locks on the base and absorbs all makeup or excess oil products that your skin can produce. Apply a thin layer of brewing powder to the entire face with a large fluffy makeup brush.

Then explain how to create a beautiful, natural eyeshadowing look that can be easily left or dressed in false lashes. Choose a light base or moisturizer painted in a shade that exactly matches your skin color. If you don’t seem to find your exact tone, mix two shades to get a perfect finish.

First, like the Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer Lakmé, it helps blur the pores and makes your skin a uniform canvas to continue all your makeup. This is because a primer helps smooth out fine lines and pores, so your makeup is worn more evenly all day long. Always choose a matte primer if you have oily skin and apply it to your entire face or in specific areas, depending on the specific concerns of your skin. If I only have five minutes to put on makeup, I make eyebrows, concealer, blush, excellent and lip. I start with a cream or liquid-based highlighter like the Glossier haloscope ($ 22) on my cheekbones and cheekbones, as well as my nose. I stop here when I do makeup in the office for a day.

Give an eye-touch to eye makeup with the application of translucent or black mascara. Don’t forget to curl the lashes before applying mascara if you want your eyes to look enchanting.

Blush is one of my favorite parts of makeup application because some bumps and I automatically see myself closer together. It probably has something to do with the fact that blush is usually the first colorful thing I add, while everything else is quite neutral. I always wear a powder blush in a bright and vibrant color such as orange or clear fuchsia. But first I slide some fabric under my eyes to place my concealer and my cheeks. I apply the blush to the apples on my cheeks (which is the best location for my square face shape). I like to apply blush for the highlighter because, as Stiles also told me, sometimes the shine on your blush is enough.

Apply the applicator to a dark eyeshadow and outline your eyes. Place it on the line you drew with eyeliner to make it thicker and more prominent. Black, dark gray, dark purple or other dark colors are the best options to create a Smokey effect. The perfect lip color is one of the secret ingredients for an impressive makeup-free look.